Peace United Church of Christ

Thank You for letting us introduce ourselves. We hope to meet you, or hear from you soon.


We are a small, friendly (we believe) Christian congregation that has met in the same native stone building since construction was completed in 1881. (Don't worry - we've made a lot of improvements since then.) The church became affiliated with the "Evangelical Synod" in its early days. Congregations of that synod were informed by the teachings of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingley and others. In 1957, the former Evangelical Synod became part of the United Church of Christ, a very diverse "Mainline" Protestant denomination.
Our founders were German, but it has been 100 years since services were first held in English. Although our congregation is not large, we reflect (as much as is possible in a small town) the diversity typical of our denomination. This diversity is shown in a wide variety of backgrounds, stories, and even opinions of those who worship here.
Nevertheless we do hold to the "Essentials" of our Christian faith: Jesus Christ is our crucified and risen Savior and Lord. We worship God in Three Persons. The Bible is read, studied, and proclaimed.
We sing the songs of the faith, new and old. Our worship is rather "traditional." (We use hymnbooks, organ, and printed bulletins.) We strive for a balance between reverence and informality. You probably won't find anything too unusual when you come here, but we do pray that you will find a welcoming congregation and a place where you can be yourself and can encounter the living God.

We hold a service at White Memorial Camp once a year, with other United Church of Christ congregations.

Open Worship and Communion:

What we're not:

No congregation can be all things to all people. We know this, but we try to provide a place where anyone can worship "No matter who you are, no matter where you are on life's journey." But, in all honesty, we are not "Trendy." Heck, we just got around to getting a website in the fall of 2009! So far, we haven't Twittered. To date, we don't have a "Contemporary" worship service, although we wouldn't be opposed to trying one sometime. Our children's and youth groups and our Sunday School are small, but youth and children's ministry is very important to us.
We are not "Ideological." We don't try to pull people either to the right nor to the left in the current culture wars. We simply engage the scriptures and ask and trust the Spirit to lead us.
We are not "Fundamental," unless that term is understood to mean holding to fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith while allowing for a variety of ideas and practices in "Non- essential" matters.
We are not perfect. God is not finished with us yet. One or more of our people may disappoint you at some point. We're all sinners.

If you come to worship with us, we thought you might like to know a few things. The first is that everyone is welcome here, and we do mean everyone. We try to have enough information in the Sunday bulletin so that anyone can participate, as much as you wish, in the worship service.
The second is that, while we'll welcome you as a visitor, we'll do our best not to make you feel awkward by asking more than you're comfortable sharing.
The third is that we hold Holy Communion services about once a month, following Jesus' command to share bread and cup (we offer a choice of wine or juice) as we remember his death and resurrection. While Christians differ over the question of who should and should not participate in communion, it is our belief and practice that any baptized person who wants to receive the Sacrament is welcomed and encouraged to do so. (However, if your own belief is that you should not take the sacrament with us, rest assured this will not be a problem.) Folks in our congregation differ as to whether their young children should participate. We believe this is a choice for the family to make, until a child publicly professes belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior. (We call this "Confirmation.")

A few things you'll find here:

Every Sunday "Learning Hour" (Sunday School) and "Worship Hour"
Midweek childen's "God's Children of Peace" program
Dinners, lunches, and fun times
Mission outreach to our community and partners around the world
Acolyte program and Youth Fellowship
Youth mission opportunities.

Questions? Please go to the "contact" page and email us.

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