Peace United Church of Christ

News from the January 7th Bulletin

Time to Un-Decorate

After worship today, if you can, please help take down the Christmas decorations. Yesterday was Epiphany, so this is the logical time to move past Christmas. We’ll put everything together in a neat and orderly fashion, but we’ll probably again re-invent the whole discipline of knowing what goes where when we unpack in December.
If you donated a poinsettia and have not taken it home, please do so today.


Annual Reports Due

Please have all annual reports into the office by 11:00 Wednesday morning. We’ll have the reports printed and ready to hand out next Sunday in preparation for our January annual meeting on the 21st, two weeks from today.

Back to Normal

This week everything resumes: God’s Children of Peace and Acolytes on Tuesday, Consistory Tuesday night, and Confirmation Wednesday. Adult Sunday School will resume next week. As you probably noticed, the youth sponsored breakfast yesterday has been postponed. We’ll see about meeting next Sunday to set a new date and coordinate the menu and publicity.

Annual Lockin Held

There were all together 13 young folks here for the annual outing and optional overnight. We did all the usual things: games, late night walk, ice skate, Chinese restaurant, Swedish pancakes, Commodore computer, prayers and, yes, SLEEP.

Pictures may be found in the "Recent Photos" selection.