Pastoral & Church Leadership

At the end of December 2021, our congregation said goodbye to our settled minister and began a process of discernment as we work to call a new pastor. We continue to have services with a wonderful guest minister each week – please join us!

Our Leadership Team

Our Church is fortunate to be served by an outstanding cast of volunteer lay leaders. Current members of our Consistory include:

  • Andrew Schrader, President
  • Giles Schrader, Vice President
  • Chris Dunlap, Secretary
  • Jo Dunlap, Treasurer
  • Jenifer Anderson, Financial Secretary
  • Bruce Berroth, Sexton

Our Support

Our office is staffed by Donna Siebert, who has served us faithfully for over twenty years. Thank you, Donna! Janeen Dieball keeps our sanctuary and annex looking bright and beautiful.

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